Our Tatra guy


No, I will not introduce myself...

... as a soft heart and a great love for the Tatras are hidden behind a tough character and a wind-burned face.

People living here below sharp peaks are unique like the place itself. Full of pride, which has been passed down from generation to generation. Those who were born in the Tatras will always be connected with them. Mountain ridges are their playgrounds, wide planes and woods are their gardens.

In a land of snow-covered peaks, sharp ridges and glacial tarns, where nature is inter-woven by mountain streams, you will find beauty like none other. Meet the Tatra people, peculiar and reserved, yet proud and kind. Get into their good graces and let them show you the most secret corners of the Tatras while enjoying their hospitality. Visit the Tatras and listen to stories told by those who love them.

Tatrancová galéria

Tatra guy and his videos