Mountain experiences


Spend unforgettable moments in the Tatras! Take a suspension cable car to the top of Mt. Lomnický štít and enjoy breathtaking views from the highest located café in Slovakia. Enter a kingdom of silence, peace and beauty.

Or spend a unique night in the highest located suite in Central Europe, on top of Mt. Lomnický štít (2,634 m above sea level), offering beautiful views of the High Tatras, the surrounding nature and a starry sky. A special atmosphere starts here at sunset, when tourists get the last cable car to get down to the valley. Enjoy a special night on top of Mt. Lomnický štít with your partner or friends.

Or visit the second highest dominant of the Low Tatras ridge – Mt. Chopok (2,024 m) and enjoy breathtaking views of Tatra peaks. Take the most modern cable car in Slovakia – Funitel and an automated Twinliner funicular. It is also here that you can spend a night embraced by the mountains – in brand new Rotunda suites located at the altitude of 2,004 m. They are unique as for their locality and architecture as well.

The Tatras offer special gourmet night entertainment too. The Tatra dinner of experiences is an absolute hit offering unforgettable experiences combined with a real gastronomy ecstasy and a touch of adrenalin while having a ride on a Tatra groomer. Come to enjoy a truly unique evening under a starry sky and below Tatra peaks.